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Message received Feb 27, 2024 – via Contact us form

Thank you for your latest e-news about Batchworth Bridge. I am so sorry to hear about another person being injured and hope that they have recovered.

I too witnessed an accident a couple of weeks ago, and as a regular user of the pedestrian crossing in the morning and evening most weekdays, I almost always encounter a scenario where the vehicles have not seen me and would run me over if I stepped out. Indeed, I often wave an arm or leg or even my bag to indicate that I am about to cross, only to find the vehicle would have taken it off if I had proceeded. Also, if the lane nearest to me does stop, it is quite likely that the far lane won’t. So, back to the accident I saw a couple of weeks ago, a car did stop on the far lane. However, it had to stop so suddenly that the car behind it went into the back of it. Luckily no one was hurt. I have though seen an ambulance at another incident involving a pedestrian a year or so ago, and the road had to be completely closed. It is therefore only a matter of time before there will be a fatality if there hasn’t been one already.

I would say it is clear that a zebra crossing is insufficient and that a pelican or puffin crossing with traffic lights is required. Many vehicles are going much faster than 30mph, and it would make sense to have speed cameras. Vehicles are regularly doing 50mph along the lower Batchworth Hill section of London Road where the speed limit is also 30mph, and drivers similarly speed along Church Street where the bridge is and into Harefield Road.

Having to cross Harefield Road next to the White Bear Pub, which is a little way from the bridge and near to where the bus stops are, is just as dangerous. It is a blind corner so pedestrians cannot see an approaching vehicle and vice-versa. So, a pelican or puffin crossing with traffic lights around the corner is also required here in my opinion and it would make sense to address this together with Batchworth Bridge. Again, vehicles are travelling very fast and for someone with less mobility, it simply is not possible to cross the road safely.

I thus fully support the RDRA’s warnings and campaigns, and if you need a volunteer for monitoring speeds, I would be happy to assist.

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