94th AGM minutes

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David Gauke was the guest speaker at the RDRA's 2024 AGM, pictured with RDRA Chairman Ash Pattni.

Pictured: David Gauke (guest speaker at the AGM) with RDRA Chairman Ash Pattni.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at the Education Centre Batchworth Lock on Monday 17th June 2024.

Those Present:

Ashok Pattni (Chairman) and 24 members/friends of the Association. 

The President, Peter Crispin, opened the meeting with a few preliminary remarks about none of the political parties contesting the forthcoming general election having made any mention of local government funding in their manifestos.

1. Apologies for absence:

Christina Evans, Anne Littlejohn, Paula Hiscocks and Sheila Harrington.

2. Minutes of AGM held on 19th June 2023

These were approved by the meeting.

3. Hon. Treasurer’s statement of accounts

The accounts were presented by Leslie Chrol-Frolowicz, the Treasurer. Subscription income was down about £200 on the previous year, largely on account of difficulties with PayPal in the Spring of 2023 when three months’ worth of subscriptions were not processed by PayPal with effectively no redress.

There had been a successful wine & cheese with jazz event which made a useful net profit (£165 being donated to good causes locally), also the 100+Club raffle has generated a new source of income. It is hoped to be able to terminate the need for annual subscriptions within the next couple of years. RDRA are grateful to Batchworth Community Council for their generous grant of £500 which has been used to fund promotional material.

Total receipts were up compared with the previous year by nearly £2000, although outgoings were up by some £3000, with the result that available funds at year-end (31st March) show a reduction of about £1400.  This gives a balance at financial year end (31st March) of £6360.

With the decision to discontinue the publication of Independence in future RDRA expects to make substantial savings by communicating on a regular basis primarily using e-newsletters with current information, rather than with information which has since become somewhat out of date.

The accounts were approved by the meeting.

4. To appoint an Honorary Examiner

The Treasurer expressed a big “thank-you” to John Samson who had once again examined the accounts.  RDRA are pleased that he has expressed his willingness to continue as Honorary Examiner.  It was proposed and accepted by the meeting that he be re-elected to that position for the current financial year.

5. Chairman’s Annual Report

After expressing thanks to membership Secretary Anne Littlejohn who unfortunately was absent due to illness, Chairman Ashok Pattni spoke of the committee’s concern that the Association appear relevant to the people of Rickmansworth.  Average age of members was 75+, also people had lived in the town for over 25 years on average.  Membership numbers were less than half the pre-Covid period and there was an urgent need to enrol younger people, particularly on the committee.

The biggest single issue currently facing the Association was the proposal to build 95 flats on a small island site on the canal where there is currently only one dwelling, the deadline for objections being only a couple of weeks ahead.  The  meeting agreed to formal opposition being made to the proposal. Reena Ranger spoke about drainage problems with the town ditch owing to multiple ownership of different sections of this.

6. Election of President

A vote was taken and past Chairman Michael Stimpson was duly elected to this post.

7. Election of Life Vice Presidents

There no nominations for additional names to be added.

8. Election of Officers

The meeting was happy for existing officers to remain in post.

9. Election of the Association Committee

The meeting agreed to the re-election of existing committee members.

10. Any Other Business

There was none.

11. Guest speaker: David Gauke, former MP

The meeting concluded with an informative and entertaining speech and questions answered by Mr Gauke who spoke of his experiences of having served as both an MP and Cabinet minister.


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