Little Egret nest being Live Streamed

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Little Egret screenshot

Earlier this year Friends of Stocker’s Lake (FoSL) had a live stream from a Grey Heron nest at nearby Stocker’s Lake, home to the largest Heronry in Herts. The herons’ nesting season is now over with one young bird having successfully fledged that nest in May, but the camera is now trained instead on a Little Egret nest. Little Egrets breed alongside herons but later in the year. In the current nest the first egg (of four) hatched on June 10th and young birds are currently being fed by parents. All being well these will fledge in the second half of July.

This livestream is produced by Friends of Stocker’s Lake (FoSL). You can view it on either FoSL’s website ( or its YouTube channel ( Here you will also find footage from earlier in the season, including a visit by a very rare Cattle Egret on June 10th.

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