RDRA 100+ Club Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What if more than 100 players apply to play the game?

A: More the merrier. More money in the Prize Pot for Bigger Cash Prizes.

Q? If more than 100 players register to play do the prizes change?

A: YES, 50% of ALL monthly income will always be Prize Pot money and will be paid out as follows:

  • 1st Prize = 30% of monthly contributions
  • 2nd Prize = 15%
  • 3rd Prize = 5%

For example, when exactly 200 members are contributing, the prize pot will be £500 so 1st Prize = £300, 2nd Prize = £150 and 3rd Prize= £50. More Members = Bigger Prize pot = bigger individual cash prizes and indeed more money for good causes and betterment of Ricky Residents.

Q? If less than 100 players register to play what happens to prize levels?

A: If the Committee consider the game to still be viable, we will aim to maintain for the first 3 months:

  • 1st Prize of £150
  • 2nd Prize of £75
  • 3rd Prize of £25

Q? Can I buy more than one number each month?

A: Yes annual cost is £5 x 12 = £60 per number payable in advance. So 2 Numbers will cost £120 and 3 will cost £180. Just set up your standing order for appropriate multiples of £60. Maximum number of tickets you can buy per household is 5 – £300 per year.

Q? What if I decide to join later in the year?

A: Members can join at any time during the year. You will be entered into the draw in the month following the month you join in.

Q? What if I decide to leave later in the year?

A: Members may leave at any time during the year. However NO REFUNDS will be made of any unused portion of the contributions.

Q? Why is payment only by standing order for 12 months in advance?

A: To reduce administration costs and time; ensure monies are collected and checked before the monthly draw takes place. We are all volunteers on the committee.

Q? When will the prize draws be made?

A: The draw will take place on or around 15th of each month unless a suitable public occasion is on a different date, e.g. Ricky Festival, Association AGM.

Q? Does my contribution qualify for Gift Aid?

A: Unfortunately no. It is counted as a donation but with the hope of receiving a prize.

Q? How will I know if I am a winner?

A: We will notify you by Phone Call/SMS Text Message or email as chosen by you as your preferred choice of receiving communications from the RDRA. Winning numbers will ALSO be shown on our website, Facebook page and other social media channels. And on the notice board outside The Post Office on the High Street.

Q? How will I get my winnings?

A: A cheque to be delivered or posted to your home address within a few days of the actual draw. If a cheque is not cashed within 6 months it will be cancelled and not reissued, the money will be treated as a donation and returned to the Association funds.

Q? Can I win more than one prize a month?

A: No. Your number will only be entered once. Of course, if you choose to buy two or more numbers, each at £5 a month, then each of them has one chance of winning each month.

Q? Can I win more than one prize a year?

A: Yes. Your number will be entered each month for the next 12 months after we have received your annual contribution.

Q? Who will make the draw?

A: We will make this as independent as possible, maybe a Community leader, District or County Councillor, Local MP, shopkeeper or any sponsor. Each draw will be witnessed by at least TWO of the Association Committee and full records will be kept. If there is a town event we will try to complete the draw there. Photo/Video of the draw will be posted on our web site and in our social media channels.

Q? How will the Association use their share of the monthly income?

A: The Association will use funds raised to pay for ongoing activities to protect and advance the general interests of the Residents of Rickmansworth and District.

Q? Will 100+ Club accounts be audited?

A: Yes. As it will be part of the Association funds it will be included in the annual accounts.

Q? How do I cancel my membership?

A: You must advise us in writing and or by email to treasurer@rickmansworthresidents.org
as soon as possible. You must cancel your standing order and your bank will probably ask for 7 days’ notice to stop the next payment. We will make sure your number is removed from the next draw. NO REFUNDS will be made of the unused contributions.

Q? What will happen at the end of the first year – will I still be a member?

A: At the end of each year we will review the rules and membership numbers, but expect current members to continue on auto renewal basis.

Q? What happens to my application form which includes personal details?

A: All application forms will be stored confidentially and securely in accordance with our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy available to view on our website or on request.

Q? I have more questions – who can I ask for help?

A: Please address any further questions to the Association via our contact us page.

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