Another vape shop in Ricky High Street

The Peace Hospice charity shop has been turned into the high street’s fifth vape shop. Although we are on the side of businesses, this new shop has the words ‘Tobacco’ on it which was banned in the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002. This is why F1 cars stopped displaying tobacco company sponsorship and closing doors were fitted over cigarettes etc in shops.

A friendly councillor, Narinder Sian, saw the shop whilst he was at the Sunday Market and found out that the planning enforcement department is already looking into it. The department has contacted the relevant owners and will progress matters in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Further information on TRDC planning website:

If you feel strongly about this issue and even though we may be in Purdah (pre-election period between the time local elections are announced and the date elections are held), please contact your local district councillors.

RDRA meets with Minister for Housing

I was glad to meet with Lee Rowley MP, the Minister for Housing, alongside representatives from the Three Rivers Joint Residents Association and Dean Russell MP, to discuss the revised NPPF and the importance of protecting the Green Belt in our area.

The Minister listened to the concerns of representatives and spoke about his passion for protecting the Green Belt and the importance of prioritising building on Brownfield Sites. I will continue communicating with him about the importance of delivering a comprehensive Local Plan, which protects our Green Belt, being delivered by the Three Rivers District Council.