Local Warm Spaces during cold weather

Message from OWL

Three Rivers District Council has a list of welcoming spaces on its web pages at https://www.threerivers.gov.uk/services/community-and-living/cost-living-support#Welcoming%20spaces

There are places listed across the district each day where you can go for a cuppa, chat or just sit quietly in the warm to escape from the cold weather for a while.

You could ask at your local library for a list of the welcoming spaces near you or ring the Council on 01923 776611.

If you can, please find the time to check on any elderly or vulnerable friends and neighbours to see if they’re OK. 

If you are concerned about someone you can ask Hertfordshire Fire Service to carry out a free Safe and Well visit.  Further details are on their website here or ring 0300 123 4046.