RDRA 100+ Club Rules

  1. The name of the Club is The RDRA 100+ Club, which may be changed by the
    RDRA Executive Committee as they see fit.
  2. Membership of the Club will be by regular subscriptions for a minimum of one
    entry per month up to a maximum of 5 entries per month per person payable
    annually in advance. The cost per entry is £60.00 per year payable in advance.
    The entry/s for each member will be maintained by the Executive Committee for
    managing the draws.
  3. Each membership number will be eligible for only one cash prize per month.
  4. We will hold monthly draws for a top cash prize of £150 (30%), a second cash
    Prize of £75 (15%) and a third cash prize of £25 (5%) OR 50% of ALL revenues
    from the sale of tickets – whichever is the greater amount will be given away
    as prize money. ALL for just £60 per year (£5.00 per month) for each entry).

  5. Membership can be cancelled at any time by the member by stopping their
    standing order and notifying the Association in writing/via email.
    NO REFUNDS will be made in this instance.
  6. Membership is open to any resident of TRDC area who is aged 18 and over and
    who wish to support the activities of the RDRA.
  7. Membership will automatically be renewed annually on its anniversary (Unless
    cancelled and notified in advance). Standing order instructions will continue
  8. The Prize Draw will take place on or about the 15th of each month, unless a
    suitable public occasion takes place on a different date (e.g. Ricky Festival).
  9. The winning prize numbers will be notified by phone, email and/or SMS and will
    be recorded in the minutes, posted on our website, in the RDRA monthly
    e-Newsletter, and Facebook page and the noticeboard outside the post office
    on the Ricky High Street.
  10. Appropriate payment to the prize winner will be made either by bank transfer
    or paid by cheque.
  11. The draw will be made independently and in public with at least two members
    of the RDRA committee.
  12. Membership of the Club will start from the month following the date of the 1st
    subscription received by the club and will continue until Rule 13 applies, or until
    terminated by the member or by the Executive committee for any reason.
  13. Membership of the club will lapse if a members’ subscriptions cease or are
    not received.

  14. In the event of permanent discontinuance of the club by the Executive
    committee for any reason, any subscriptions received in advance will be
    refunded prorate. Termination of membership for any other reason will not
    entitle any member to a refund of any previous subscriptions.
  15. New members may join the club at any time and on receipt of their first
    payment they will qualify from the next month’s draw onwards.
  16. The RDRA 100+ club will be administered by a sub-committee of up to 3
    members nominated annually by the RDRA Executive Committee. They will
    consist of the Chairman, Treasurer and any one additional member of the RDRA
    Executive Committee to help with the administration of the 100+ club.
  17. Residual funds from the RDRA 100+ Club account will be transferred from time
    to time to the RDRA main account to fund its ongoing activities.

Updated 2 November 2023

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