Congratulations to our first winners

The RDRA 100+ Club monthly prize draw was held on Sunday 17th December during the Christmas Market in Rickmansworth High Street. All winners have now been informed – congratulations to them!

First prize winner receives £150
Second prize winner receives £75
Third prize winner receives £25

For further information and details of joining the RDRA 100+ Club monthly prize draw, please click:

Bob, Ash & Anne draw the first three winners using a random number generator.

Sunday Market presence

The RDRA was once again at the last Sunday Market in Rickmansworth High Street, handing out 100+ Club leaflets. If you would like to join our 100+ Club to support good causes, you will also get FREE access to our e news, please click here:

Thanks to BCC for sharing their gazebo at the market – we will soon have our our own for future events!

Membership Secretary Anne and Chairman Ash at the last Sunday Market

Prize draw dates

The first prize draw for the RDRA 100+ Club will be held on 17th December 2023 at The Rickmansworth Christmas Market. The rest of the dates in 2024 are as follows:

  • 26th January 2024 Last Friday
  • 23rd February Last Friday
  • 31st March @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 28th April @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 18th May SATURDAY @ Ricky Festival
  • 30th June @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 28th July @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 25th August @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 29th September @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 27th October @ Ricky Sunday Market
  • 22nd November @ Ricky Winter Fair
  • 22nd December @ Ricky Christmas Market

These dates are also under 100+ Club in the top menu and might be subject to change.

For more information about the RDRA 100+ Club and how to join, click here: