Batchworth Bridge accident

Batchworth Bridge crossing

The RDRA have been warning about the safety of the Batchworth Bridge crossing and today, Wednesday 21st February, there was another accident.

The accident happened early in the morning (6.30am) but it was still dark and the pedestrian was unfortunately wearing dark clothes so could not be seen by the driver.

We wish the pedestrian well – we don’t know the extent of their injuries but an ambulance was called to the scene.

We’ve been campaigning for years for something to be done about the crossing as there have been multiple accidents and near misses over the years. It stands to reason that without action, one day there will be a fatality.

A history of the bridge:

  • A crossing with traffic lights requested – rejected by council.
  • An extra lighting lamp post requested – rejected by council.
  • Change of speed limit requested on Riverside Drive from 40mph to 30mph to match the speed limit on the bridge and on the roundabouts surrounding the bridge – rejected by council.
  • Improved Belisha beacons – rejected by council.
  • Painted ’30’ or ‘Slow’ on the ground at the start of the bridge requested – rejected by council.
  • Handheld device (SID) for monitoring speeds requested – agreed to but the pandemic happened and our training was scuppered. And we now don’t have enough people to attend, minimum 10 people needed.
  • Council removes grills from barriers to allow drivers to see when pedestrians are waiting to cross during the day.
  • Rumble strip requested – rejected by council.
  • Extra lighting was again requested – agreed to but would cost £60,000. HCC only willing to fund a third of this lighting cost.
  • Recently, we were told that extra funding could possibly come from the Police, if they reassess the safety of the bridge – we have the forms and paperwork to start this process off and would like to know your current views. Please contact us to let us know!

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And express your views direct to your local Councillor:

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Parking in the town centre and Mill End still remains a contentious issue. There are consultations and petitions ongoing. Please do look up the TRDC website for more details and information:

Parking permit overview:

Parking zones within Rickmansworth:

Parking consultation:

Wine & Cheese evening

One of our wine exhibitors at this event, Domaine Les Caizergues, has shared some information about themselves below – who knew they are based in Rickmansworth!

We’ll be able to taste all the wine on offer and get a discount on the night.

Thursday 21st March, 8pm – 10pm
Rickmansworth Golf Club, Moor Lane WD3 1QL

Domaine les Caizergues leaflet

Thank you to everybody who have bought tickets so far – you are supporting the very first event organised by RDRA 100+ Club, proceeds of which will go to local good causes, like better signage for the Community Garden & Orchard.

Join the RDRA 100+ Club

Batchworth Boat Rally instead of 2024 festival

An update from RDRA ex-Chairman Michael Stimpson

A number of boats who had planned to attend the Rickmansworth Festival, and had planned the route they were taking from Marsworth to Paddington, are still going to come to Batchworth regardless of the Festival being cancelled.

A group of people, many of whom were involved in the Festival, decided that a much smaller event could be held.

They wanted to keep a Canal event in Batchworth following the hard work of the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust over the past 30 years.

Plans are well in hand for a weekend based just on the canal for an event from 10am to 5pm only (i.e. nothing in the evening) which will involve Trade Boats and ex-working boats for the public to visit as well as private pleasure craft.

Boat entries are already coming in and there will be a tug of war and a parade of boats on the Saturday and entertainment on the Sunday.

The Canal and River Trust are supporting the event which is being called the Batchworth Boat Rally. If a profit is made from the event, this will be donated to a Waterways Charity retaining seed funding for another event in 2025.

Rickmansworth Festival

RDRA are talking to our councillors and other stakeholders and we can’t do anything about this year’s Rickmansworth Festival but we’re actively working to save the festival from next year onwards.

Please do contact your local councillor and let them know your views regarding this issue:

Reena Raynor
County Councillor
Rickmansworth East and Oxhey Park

Help name a new community messaging system

Message from OWL

As you may well be aware, we will be signing up to Neighbourhood Alert on 1 April, 2024 to replace OWL.  Neighbourhood alerts is already used by 32 police forces, which will help us to share information about cross-border crimes and incidents more easily. 

Please be reassured we will continue to keep you updated on local, relevant news including crime prevention advice as we have done over the past 18 years with OWL. 

The new system will help us send more targeted and relevant messages to you from us and our partner agencies – if that is what you choose when you sign up.

We know that being part of a community messaging system helps prevent crime in your local neighbourhood and we hope you will continue to receive the free, local messages and you will let us know what the issues are in your local area. The new system seeks to develop our ability to support Neighbourhood Watch, whilst also providing a broader offer to engage with you and our communities given the changes in digital technology and the way in which people communicate and seek information.

It’s quick and simple to sign up – we will share the link with you as soon as it is available.  You will be asked about your preferences so we will only be communicating with you about issues that affect you directly or things you are interested in, so you are not bombarded with irrelevant messages based on your postcode.

Our webpage will be branded Neighbourhood Alert but we also have the option of adding a local name for example ‘Herts Connected’, ‘Our Herts Community’, ‘In the Know’ – and we would like your help in creating a new identity for our community messaging system.

Please let us know your thoughts by emailing about re-branding by 5pm next Friday (16 February). Many thanks for your continued support.

Independence Library

The RDRA was founded in 1929 so we’re scanning in all our old magazines/reports. If you have any issues older than 2011, we would be grateful if we could borrow them to scan them. Please contact us to let us know!

This library can be found under Useful Info in our website top menu or click the image below to go there:

January 100+ Club winners presentation

Congratulations to our 100+ Club winners this month, pictured below being presented their cheques by RDRA Chairman Ash Pattni at the Cafe in the Park, Rickmansworth.

Ross Macdonald: 1st prize winner – £150

Ross, pictured far left, said: “Thanks! I am going to donate my winnings to the Encephalitis Society which is an international resource for people affected by Encephalitis, offering support, information, awareness and much needed research into the condition. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain which can be caused by everyday infections or the body’s immune system going wrong. 6,000 people are diagnosed each year in the UK, up to a third die and often those who survive are left with some form of brain injury.”

Brian Littlejohn: 2nd prize winner – £75

Brian is a Road Rep and husband of our Membership Secretary, Anne.

Debbie Wheeler: 3rd prize winner – £25

Debbie looks after our RDRA website and Brian is her father!

From left to right: Ross, Brian, Debbie and Ash.

Click here to join the RDRA 100+ Club and you can win too!

Next prize draw: Friday 23rd February

Community engagement

Message from TRDC

My name is Jay Williams and I’m the Community Engagement Officer for Three Rivers District Council. 

I sit on the strategy partnership team which is responsible for a range of local initiatives and projects. I would be very grateful for if you could circulate to this to all the members to get a better understanding of the role we play in the community.

Our main objectives are:

  • To facilitate the constructive conversation and collect feedback from residents. 
  • Hosting community fairs and awareness events across the district. 
  • Organising community forum for partners and charities.
  • Communicating emerging trends and themes from residents. 
  • Promotion of healthy mental and physical lifestyle through interventions.

Stay up-to-date with local events and initiatives & sign up to the Partnership Bulletin here:

Jay Williams