Crossing comments

Published by Ash Pattni on

Three messages received Feb 25, 2024 – via Contact us form

Message 1:
I use the Batchworth Bridge crossing frequently and have no problem. I stop, check for oncoming traffic and only cross when it is safe to do so. Don’t blame the council, blame those who do not take responsibility for their own safety.

RDRA response:

Like you I use this crossing at least twice a day everyday and on some days more times than that as I live just off Harefield Road. I agree with you entirely that we are all responsible for our own safety and should always be aware of and be responsible how we negotiate our way in traffic  

However for those who are either very young or old and some other vulnerable or disabled people,( we’ve had a few near misses) this crossing can be made safer.

Let’s accept that this crossing can be improved and made more safer for all users. It’s not asking a lot to make some minor improvements. We do not need a fatality to do some common sense improvements. I do also accept that most county and local councils are overwhelmed and overstretched with limited resources so it’s not a priority until a major accident and fatalities occur.

Message 2:
We have lived in Rickmansworth for 39 years and I have lost count of the number of times pedestrians have been hit on Batchworth bridge. I think it’s time to up the ante. Get the BBC South East news out to the scene and have our MP and County Councillor down to be interviewed at the bridge. Have Watford Observer report on this. Get an interview and phone in arranged with 3 Counties Radio. They do push local issues. You only have a few weeks before HCC shut down on all activities in the run up to the local elections.

RDRA response:

Many thanks for your email. I agree with you that this crossing should be made safer. However, I believe that we will not get any media attention unless there is a fatality there. We do our best to lobby the relevant authorities. We’d appreciate if you have any contacts that you might be able to tap to raise the awareness and expedite the process for getting some positive responses from our county and district leaders.

Message 3:
My husband and I regularly have to use the crossing and every single time we approach with apprehension, having had many “near misses” over the 30yrs we have lived here, with cars not stopping .one lane will stop and a car in the other lane will not. We always stand as near the edge as poss to be as visible as we can.

If we reach the other side with no problems we are greatly relieved . The cars seem to accelerate from the traffic lights on one side or the roundabout from the other. Being a dual carriageway the drivers seem to think they can drive more quickly and are reluctant to stop for a crossing.

We have lived here for nearly 30th and this crossing has always been contentious and we do appreciate the efforts put in to try and improve safety but we cannot wait until the inevitable fatality,it’s a miracle it hasn’t happened already.