Batchworth Bridge accident

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Batchworth Bridge crossing

The RDRA have been warning about the safety of the Batchworth Bridge crossing and today, Wednesday 21st February, there was another accident.

The accident happened early in the morning (6.30am) but it was still dark and the pedestrian was unfortunately wearing dark clothes so could not be seen by the driver.

We wish the pedestrian well – we don’t know the extent of their injuries but an ambulance was called to the scene.

We’ve been campaigning for years for something to be done about the crossing as there have been multiple accidents and near misses over the years. It stands to reason that without action, one day there will be a fatality.

A history of the bridge:

  • A crossing with traffic lights requested – rejected by council.
  • An extra lighting lamp post requested – rejected by council.
  • Change of speed limit requested on Riverside Drive from 40mph to 30mph to match the speed limit on the bridge and on the roundabouts surrounding the bridge – rejected by council.
  • Improved Belisha beacons – rejected by council.
  • Painted ’30’ or ‘Slow’ on the ground at the start of the bridge requested – rejected by council.
  • Handheld device (SID) for monitoring speeds requested – agreed to but the pandemic happened and our training was scuppered. And we now don’t have enough people to attend, minimum 10 people needed.
  • Council removes grills from barriers to allow drivers to see when pedestrians are waiting to cross during the day.
  • Rumble strip requested – rejected by council.
  • Extra lighting was again requested – agreed to but would cost £60,000. HCC only willing to fund a third of this lighting cost.
  • Recently, we were told that extra funding could possibly come from the Police, if they reassess the safety of the bridge – we have the forms and paperwork to start this process off and would like to know your current views. Please contact us to let us know!

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